Georges Apparut Mirecourt 1935 Violin – Fantastic French Violin!


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Fait par G. Apparut
No. 771 année 1935

On offer we have a handsome violin by Georges Apparut. Georges began his training in his father’s Mirecourt workshop at the age of 14 before moving on to workshops in Lyon and Brussels. In 1902 Georges found employment with the large Mirecourt firm of Marc Laberte. He stayed with Laberte until 1921 where he eventually rose to the head of artistic production. After 1921 he began his own small workshop employing one or two other violin makers and an apprentice. Our violin from 1935 is in outstanding condition. Typical of Apparut’s work, its very clean workmanship is enrobed in a lovely translucent varnish. Tonally it is capable of going from a whisper to a roar while maintaining clarity throughout the register. It is a violin worthy of consideration by any serious violin lover.

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