Fritz Meinel Violin Bow– Markneukirchen, circa 1920’s-1940’s


Photo property of Christian Albert Nürnberger
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Fredrich Fritz Meinel (1885-1962). Meinel worked in Markneukirchen from 1918 on and the Nürnberger influence can be seen in the frog and the head of his bows. Fritz was a pupil of W. A. Pfretzschner and worked for many years with Franz Albert Nürnberger II in Markneukirchen. (See photo of Fritz in the Nürnberger workshop). Meinel’s bows are artistically made, the result of years of study working alongside master bow makers. Our bow is just that, beautiful. The pernambuco stick is firm and in octagonal section. The ebony frog is blind eye and mounted in sterling silver and the endscrew is solid, not three pieces. A fine violin bow.

Weight fully haired is 59.3 grams.