Fine Markneukirchen, Germany Violin Bow by Carl Albert Nürnberger, circa 1920


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Branded: *ALBERT NURNBURGER*– Player’s Side
E. H. SUPERIOR – Audience side

Carl Albert Nürnberger (1885-1971) was the son of famed bow maker Franz Albert (2) from the Markneukirchen area. Carl Albert completed his apprenticeship and journeyman’s years in his father’s highly respected shop. The luthiers in his family date to the early 18th century and the Nürnbergers flourished as bow makers in the 19th century and were widely recognized as the standard that all other German bow makers strived to emulate. Each of Carl Albert’s bows possessed great merit in workmanship, which was in high demand for the new vigorous playing of the new modern age. Carl Albert Nürnberger made the Nürnberger workshop of the 1920’s one of the top addresses in the world for bow making. He could list many of the most well-known artists in his circle of customers.
This bow also contains the stamp “E.H. Superior” because the bow was sold through one of the most important violin dealers in Berlin. The Emile Herrmann shop was started in Berlin in 1883 and then also opened a shop in New York City in 1924. The bow has been meticulously gone over here in our workshop. The silver tip is original and in excellent condition. The pernambuco is of octagonal section and the frog has Carl Albert’s characteristic large three-part Tourte eyes, silver/ebony /pearl. The one-piece silver button has his characteristic solid silver end button with an evenly formed double collar and the chamfered back edge. The bow is in very good condition with just slight playing wear on the frog. The original silver thread winding was too far gone to restore. It was removed and replaced with new silver thread winding and a new leather thumb grip to match what was originally on the stick. The bow is an exquisite gem, light in weight, balanced, and plays with power. This bow is ready for the professional player.

Weight fully haired 59.2 grams.