F. N. Vorin A Paris – Workshop Viola Bow – Very Nice! – CURRENTLY OUT ON TRIAL –


After being trained and working in Mirecourt, in 1855 François Nicolas Voirin moved to Paris to work in the Vuillaume Workshop with his cousin. After 15 years with Vuillaume, Voirin opened his own shop where he began to refine his bow design. Voirin's designs served as a bridge between the square, powerhouse Pecatte style and the more delicate Vuillaume bows. He maintained his workshop until his death in 1885, and his “F.N. Voirin à Paris” stamped bows are treasured by players to this day. After his death, the workshop continued to produce bows of his design, and was the source for this pre-WW II bow. It is an octagonal-section pernambuco stick that is fully mounted in sterling silver. The ebony frog sports a beautiful mother-of-pearl slide and Parisian eyes, and the stylish three-piece adjuster is silver and ebony with a pearl inlay at the end. The maker's stamp is on the player side and FRANCE is stamped on the underside of the bow.

Weight fully haired 69.1 grams.

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