Emile Dupree Cello Bow – German Mid-20th Century


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We have a cello bow branded Emile Dupree on the player side and “FRANCE” on the bottom flat of the stick behind the frog. Dupree bows were made in the W. Seifert shop in Bubenreuth, Germany and sold with the French name. This cello bow is octagonal in section, pernambuco specie stick that has beautiful color and is a choice piece of wood. The Parisian eye frog is mounted in nickel silver and is fully lined. The bow has an imitation whalebone winding and leather thumb grip. The bow is lightweight and very easy to handle. It is in good condition and firm in its playability. This will make a great playing stick for an intermediate player looking for a slightly lighter pernambuco bow.

Weight fully haired 75.5 grams.

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