(EH) STUDIO, Markneukirchen Workshop Violin Bow, circa late 1920’s


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Our STUDIO violin bow is pernambuco specie, octagonal-section, and sterling silver mount. By the time the famous and important German bow maker H.R. Pfretzschner died in 1921 his workshop had been handed over to his two sons, Hermann and Berthold. The sons continued to expand the studio’s output of bows to the West as well as many other unstamped bows for dealerships throughout Europe. Ernst Heinrich Roth was another famous workshop that made house bows for the trade. These two fine shops employed many master craftsmen who made bows for their studios. Master makers H.R. Pfretzschner and Ernst Heinrich Roth never made this bow. Our bow was probably made by one of these workshops in the late 20’s through the 1930’s and was branded for export. The studio bows that were exported to America were branded “GERMANY” on the underside, between the frog and the adjuster. All of the parts of this bow are original and in excellent condition. It is well-balanced and a great example of fine German workmanship that is close to 100 years old. It is truly an elegant bow for a serious player.

Weight fully haired 61.9 grams.