Edwin Herrmann, Schönlind, early 20th Century Violin Bow


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This handmade violin bow is stamped Edw. Herrmann* on the players side of the bow. Herrmann (1893-1972) was an esteemed bow maker in the Vogtland area of Germany. This classic stick is clean and in very good condition. The bow does have some light playing wear visible in the varnish. Beautiful workmanship, sterling silver mounting, pernambuco specie, round section and it feels like it is a light bow are all bullet points. The pernambuco is choice and the balance and playability of the stick made it work well on some older violins that I tried using the bow. The weight and balance are evenly dispersed throughout the stick. A fine German bow all in sterling silver and ebony mount.

Weight fully haired 61.6 grams.