Doerfler German Trade Cello Bow ca. 1975


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“DOERFLER” on the player’s side
and W. GERMANY on the bottom flat of the stick

The cello bow is stamped “DOERFLER”. The bow is a trade bow made in a non-descript German workshop. “Dörfler” (correct spelling) handmade bows are currently made by Egidius Dörfler and are master bows valued at many thousands of dollars. For 125 years four generations of the Dörfler family have made bows in and around Bubenreuth, Germany based on the style of the French bow maker Tourte. Our German trade bow did not come from the real Dörfler workshop. This stick is Brazilwood specie, in octagonal-section, nickel silver mounts fully lined in an ebony Parisian eye frog. The end screw has three components, silver/ebony/silver and the winding is imitation whale bone with a leather thumb. The stick is strong and is way above average for its price range in balance and playability.

Weight fully haired 84.2 grams.

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