C. A. Götz Jr. 3/4 Fully Carved Bass, 1970


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Label reads:

West Germany
C. A. Götz jr. 1970
Instr. Nr. 56 Model Nr. 553

This bass was made in West Germany in the town of Bubenreuth, German in the famous Roth shop, just north of Erlangen, for Conrad Götz jr. and the C. A. Götz Music Co., Erlangen Germany. The instrument is of ¾ standard size and is fully carved with a rounded back and violin corners. The bass is in very good condition and we simply added a few of our carved items to make it even better. We have carved an adjustable Despiau bridge with mahogany wheels and added a Teller endpin. We have artistically touched up the edges of the instrument that showed normal wear from playing.

This German bass has a fantastic punch and responds well on the E and A strings. The system lays well with a D neck and the action is beautiful. “Easy to play” also comes to mind. The sound has a great response in the low end. The G and D strings sounds are better than wow. I like the set up and action is right on. The response is quick and lively on the upper string and I feel the entire bass pumping when I played on it arco or pizzicato. This bass is perfect for the player looking for an orchestral instrument. The player looking for a jazz bass might consider changing the strings to something stronger, but the current set up will not disappoint. This is an excellent concert instrument for the up and coming serious player. The bass plays with ease, and the tone is huge. The instrument is waiting for its second owner to love it and play on it for the next 50-60 years.

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