Bernhard Seidel German Cello Bow Early 20th Century


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We have a nickel mounted bow by German bowmaker Bernhard Seidel of Markneukirchen. The bow is in very good condition and was made sometime before 1940. It features a blind eye ebony frog with a gorgeous mother-of-pearl slide full of green and pink hues. The stick is a darker chocolate color and has the maker’s name above the frog and GERMANY branded on the bottom flat behind the frog. The bow does have a sterling silver winding added to the bow long before we got to the stick. This was added to give the bow a better gram weight and balance. The stick is pernambuco and the section is octagonal. The bow will make a great playing bow for the cellist looking for something different in an older stick, light in weight, with German workmanship.

Weight fully haired 80.1 grams.

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