Atelier Léon Mougenot 1936, French Violin


Mougenot was one of the most influential figures of the violin making field in France. Mirecourt was the instrument making hub of all France. Many small Mirecourt shops were doing very well in the industry in the early 1900’s and Léon Mougenot attracted outstanding apprentices and employees to work in his studio. His school of luthiers was a starting point for many young apprentices who later became famous makers including Jean Streib and the brothers Giacomo and Leandro Bisiach. Mirecourt became known for its huge number of instruments made and the extraordinary accuracy in building instruments. Mougenot’s work specialized in detailed carving of the plates, slightly narrower sound holes than the Italians and he took very special care and attention to their purfling work. Their workmanship was at a very high level. Our French violin has been maintained in good condition over the years with some minor patina marks on the top and back plates. The violin has been carefully set up here at our shop and is ready for a new player. The instrument is based on a Stradivari model and has an orange-brown varnish all on a golden ground. The evidence of playing is a great sign that the instrument was played and taken care of.
The violin has strength in the tone. The sound is clear and for my taste is not too bright. The G&D have power and sustain. The E&A still enjoy those qualities but are also sweeter. This violin is a winner in sound, overall strength of tone, and ease of play.

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