Robert Glier Violin, Cincinnati 1913, Made for Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.


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Label reads:

No. 3421 Anno 1913
Robert Glier Violin-maker
The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.
Cincinnati Selling Agents

Robert Glier was born (1855-1924) in Markneukirchen, Germany; a fantastic place to be born and grow up if your family is into string instruments. I’m sure he got his start as an apprentice in one of the violin shops in Markneukirchen. This area of Germany was the hub a violin making for Germany. Many young apprentices traveled to Markneukirchen to learn the art of violin and bow making. Violin shop owner Rudolph Wurlitzer found him in Markneukirchen and offered him a job in America. It took guts and faith for a young man in the late 1800’s to travel to America. Glier came and worked for the famous Wurlitzer music firm which had two locations, New York City and Cincinnati, OH. Robert was sent to work for Wurlitzer’s of Cincinnati in 1883. He set up his own shop after 1900 but continued to make various grades of instruments that were sold through the Wurlitzer shop. Glier used local woods to make his instruments, but he also purchased instruments in the white from firms in Mirecourt, France.
This instrument was made in Mirecourt with European woods and imported to the States where Glier finished the white shell that was sold through the Wurlitzer Co. It is in good condition with all ebony fittings, a medium grain spruce top, and a figured one-piece maple back plate. The instrument has been played and has playing wear, a very good sign on an older violin. There is patina on both plates and imperfections in the varnish that are visible. The varnish is an amber-brown/light orange spirit varnish on a golden yellow ground. We have added all new fittings in ebony: a fingerboard, nut, pegs, tail piece, and chinrest. We also carved a new Despiau bridge and a new soundpost.

Corpus 358.5 mm Major Width 207.0 mm Minor Width 166.0 mm Rib Height 29.0-30.0 mm

The sound leans to the darker side and offers a quick response. The G & D strings have power and some nice guts in the tonal quality. I like it. The treble strings are also powerful, ring clear, and have nice sustain. The sound has some soloistic qualities, presence, power, and drive. A very nice sound for the player looking for an instrument with character and personality. This would be a good upgrade for violin player looking to move out of a rental level violin and move into an instrument with an age over one hundred years and add to its provenance.

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