German Violin Bow by Arthur Thoma, circa 1935 – CURRENTLY IN THE WORKSHOP –


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Stamped in all caps: ARTHUR THOMA

Arthur Thoma was born in 1905 and was the second son of Adolf. The father worked in Hohendorf near Bramback (Saxony) and was known for making very fine bows. Arthur also established himself independently as a fine bow maker by 1931. The bow is pernambuco specie, octagonal section, sterling silver mounted in an ebony frog featuring a single mother-of-pearl eye and three-piece end screw. The bow is in excellent condition, firm, and shows off his fine workmanship. This pre-World War II bow is stamped “Arthur Thoma” and also has a very faint, fine-lined #4 near the frog. This number indicates that this bow was at one time in the catalog of a fine violin shop.

Weight fully haired 62.4 grams.