Albert Nurnberger VN Bow Frog
Albert Nurnberger VN Bow FrogAlbert Nurnberger VN Bow Tip

Albert Nürnberger


Albert Nürnberger handmade violin bow circa 1925. This is an excellent playing Nürnberger bow that has been fully restored and repaired just below the head of the bow (see photo). J.R. Judd Violins stands behind this restoration/repair 100%. The restoration will allow the smart musician to have a true Nürnberger violin bow well below market value. The bow is flexible but keenly sensitive and fights back when a player leans into it with their index finger. This Nürnberger features sterling silver mountings, is of pernambuco specie, round section, and weight fully haired is 57.0 grams.