A Vigneron A Paris Cello Bow – Fine German Workshop Bow, Markneukirchen c. 1930


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On the border of Saxony and Bohemia (modern day Czech Republic), Markneukirchen was already a thriving violin making hub by the 18th century. Its nickname was the “Musikwinkel” or music corner. What set Markneukirchen apart was the commitment to international commerce and an established luthiers guild dating back to 1677. The guild upheld rigorous standards of training and making. As the making continued to flourish, the local strings industry saw a greater division of labor. Artisans became more specialized and bow making came into its own. The Markneukirchen bow makers developed a rich history of producing high quality bows. This is one of those bows.

Our bow has very famous a French bow makers name. Arthur Vigneron (1851-1905) was born in Mirecourt, France. He learned his craft there under makers like Husson, Lamy, Joseph Martin, and Gand & Bernardel. In 1888 he opened his own workshop in Paris. If you’re a bow maker and going to copy another’s work, you aim high. The stamp looks perfectly correct, but the placement of the brand on the player’s side of the bow is slightly off. Therefore, the bow is not made by the famous French maker. If it was a true Vigneron cello bow it might fetch 20-30K. It does, however, have beautiful workmanship branded with the “A. VIGNERON A PARIS” stamp. Germans in this time period were stamping bows with French names to be able to survive. WW I was over, but the Western world was not purchasing instruments or anything that had a German name on it.

The bow stands out for its strong build, in the frog and the strength of the stick. The stick also has a quicker start to the camber. This bow is a great playing stick with a very even balance. The bow is pernambuco specie, and we have given the stick a new sterling silver winding, leather thumb grip and lapping, and a new bone tip. The ebony frog has single mother-of-pearl eyes and the stick is octagonal in section. The maker of the bow was very skilled at his craft and well-made is an understatement. The bow is better than just functional, it is a performance oriented bow, strong, about 95 years old, and it will make a good cello sound great.

Weight fully haired 80.4 grams.

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