¾ Size Mirecourt, French Violin, ca 1910-1920


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Label Reads:
Copie de
Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenſis
Faciebat Anno 1721

The town of Mirecourt was the instrument making hub of commercial and trade instruments for all of France. It thrived from the mid 1800’s up and into 1940. If you were a young man interested in violin making this is where you went to study violin making as an apprentice. You worked long hours, sunup to sundown, for two to three years to see if you were going to make it and make a decent wage. The area was not only known for its violin making but also for the art of crafting pernambuco bows. Our instrument is from this famous area of France made by an unknown journeyman maker. A standard Strad label is all that the violin obtained. We have fitted the instrument in rosewood and given the tailpiece over to a Wittner with built in fine tuners. The condition is excellent. There are no structural issues with this ¾ size instrument.
The sound is beautiful and not overly powerful. The bottom end is warm and inviting and the treble strings enjoy a rich sustain; the strings ring well. The sound is slightly covered as if someone like in our present day and age is wearing a mask. Excellent old Frenchy, great for a more serious younger player.

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