Online Trial Policy

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our instruments and bows.

Trial Fees

Fees from trials that are separated by fewer than 30 calendar days will accumulate and be credited toward the purchase of instruments and/or bows.

Item:Fee per:Quantity to not exceed:
Bow$25.00 per trial up to 6 bows6
Violin$25.00 per violin3
Viola$25.00 per viola3
Cello$25.00 per cello2
Bass$25.00 per bass1

Shipping Fees

All shipping fees are for two-way FedEx shipping and include a prepaid FedEx label for return shipment. The shipping fee includes insurance coverage for items during shipment only. You assume responsibility for the care of all trial items while in your possession. If upon receipt you find that the items are damaged, notify the shop immediately. If we are not notified then we will assume that the items were not damaged during shipping

Item:Shipping Fee:
Bows (up to 6)$52.00
One Violin$64.00
One Viola$68.00
Two Violins$80.00
Two Violas$90.00
Three Violins$100.00
One CelloVaries by Location
Two CellosVaries by Location
BassNot Available

Late Fees

Items will be shipped within two business days (Tuesday through Friday) after acceptance of your Trial Agreement and approved Sales Receipt for the trial and shipping fees. Your Sales Receipt will contain the deadline by which you must contact us with your intent to purchase and/or return. The deadline is determined based on two weeks from the date of shipment and will always be a Tuesday through Friday. If you do not contact us by 5:00pm (EST) on the deadline as stated on your Sales Receipt, then we reserve the right to charge $25.00 per business day until you call us with your intent to purchase or return the trial items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to take instruments/bows out on trial?
A: Each instrument is $25.00 for the trial period. Up to 6 bows may be taken out for $25.00. As an example, two violins and 6 bows would be a charge of $75.00.

Q: Is the trial fee refundable?
A: Only if you purchase an instrument/bow. The trial fee will be credited to your purchase total. In the above example, if you purchased just a violin, all $75.00 of the trial fee would be credited to your purchase.

Q: How long is the trial period?
A: Two weeks.

Q: If I like the instrument can I rent it or rent to own?
A: No. The purpose of the trial is to allow players an extended period to try an instrument/bow before purchasing. If you desire a rental instrument, please go to Rental Instruments to see the instruments that comprise our rental program.

Q: When will I get my trial items?
A: The trial items will ship within two business days of the completion of the Trial Agreement and payment of the appropriate trial and shipping fees. Please note that our business days are Tuesday through Friday.

Q: How do I return items that I don’t want to purchase?
A: Included with your trial items are prepaid Fedex labels and instructions for return shipping. Pack all items you wish to return in the same container using the same packing materials and send them back.

Q: Can I do a second trial?
A: Absolutely! The same fee ($25 per instrument or up to 6 bows) applies. If you purchase an instrument the total fees you paid for your trial will be credited to your purchase. For example, if you took out three violins and returned them, then took out three more within 30 days and purchased a violin, the entire $150 in trial fees would be credited to the purchase price of your instrument. If you go more than 30 days between trials the trial fee credited to the purchase is not cumulative.