Alliance StringsCorelli Alliance

  • Available in light, medium and forte gauges, full size only.
ViolinSet$50.15 Buy
E$2.00 Buy
A$11.99 Buy
D$15.50 Buy
G$17.50 Buy
Cantiga StringsCorelli Cantiga

  • Cantiga strings have a core made from a brand new polymer, which is totally different from nylon.
  • It offers unprecedented characteristics.
  • A genuinely high end string.
ViolinSet$74.00 Buy
E$5.00 Buy
A$18.00 Buy
D$25.50 Buy
G$26.50 Buy
Crystal StringsCorelli Crystal

  • Corelli Crystal violin/viola strings are made with synthetic core and offer relatively warmer sound spectrum.
  • Inexpensive and ideal for student instruments.
  • Cello strings have a solid steel core for A, D, and G and rope core for C.
Set$50.00 Buy
E$4.00 Buy
A$13.00 Buy
D$14.50 Buy
G$19.50 Buy
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