Bass Rosins

We offer five different companies of rosins with varying types:


Price: $14.50

This is the genuine Carlsson bass rosin, made in Sweden by the Hart Family for many generations. Carlsson rosin is known for its fine quality by jazz and orchestra pros around the world. It is all-weather rosin, only available in medium grade. Carlsson rosin is hard to the touch and softens when it is applied to the bow.



Kolstein, Soft and All Weather:
Price: $11.99

Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin is composed of the finest ingredients, created through a high degree of product control in strict accord with the developed formula. A minimum curing period for a predetermined time is a requirement for all our bass rosin. In addition, such features as hand pouring and packaging in a specially designed roll-down silicon unique containerization , all contribute to the superior quality of our rich dark textured rosin.Kolstein

The rosin is available in a deluxe line which consists of a protective silicon packaging  that affords the bassist a rosin packaging that keep the bass rosin fresh,  and prevents any kind of melting out of older packaging. The silicon rosin housing then is put in an attractive gold foil container; esthetic and protective for the professionals’ needs, but practically sized with easy storage in mind. Our Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin can be acquired in several grades (Hard, All Weather, amd Soft) to meet the musicians’ personal preference, as well as the geographic and climatic conditions that prevail where the rosin will be used.

As with all Kolstein Formulation Supreme Rosins, bass rosins have the feature of indefinite shelf-life; that is, it will never dry out and crystallize. Once used, the rosin will show a continual wetting action allowing for easy powdering on the strings and instrument.



Price: $13.00
Nyman Rosin

The original premium Swedish bass rosin made by the Nyman-Hart Family. The choice of many professionals. Nyman is an all-weather rosin that is used in most climates, it is a hard rosin that is sticky to the touch and becomes softer as you use it. It is almost indistinguishable from Carlsson’s Swedish Bass Rosin.




Petz, Levels 1, 2, and 3:
Price: $7.99

PETZ Bass rosin, Made in Vienna since 1912
Premium extra soft rosin comes in environmental friendly biodegradable container.

Petz Bass Rosin

• Guarantees a sure grip
• Minimizes side noise
• Increases the tonal range
• Low dust
•Available in three grades: 1 soft, 2 medium, 3 hard



Price: $9.50
Pops Gold

Pops is a light golden rosin soft and sticky, made in Houston, Texas. Packaged in a soft wax paper cup, the rosin is soft by design to accommodate the needs of bass players. Therefore it is very common for Pop’s rosins to be “melted” or “Deformed” in a warm weather. Many bass players are aware or used to this common occurrence.  However, if you’d like to fix the shape, it can be done by warming it up slightly. A good rosin for the winter season.



Price: $13.95salzman bass rosin

The most tricky and sticky rosins, are the double bass rosins. Depending on weather, humidity, musical movement, and needed sound projection, a variation of rosins are often preferred. The Salzman Symphony line offers four distinctive rosins for the professional double bass player, as well as those just beginning. The beginner will find less bow squeak from these rosins. The professional player will find a superior tonal quality and projection. A black container identifies the double bass rosins. We carry grades 8 (hard), 9 (medium), and 10 (soft). Rosin 10 is the softest and the stickiest rosin, and is used for those performances that require louder bass projection. White on Black lettering along with the scale number is printed on the outer container and also identifies its position on the Salzman scale.


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