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    • Eastman Model 205 Top

      Eastman Model 205

      The Eastman Model 205 viola is entirely hand-crafted from European tonewoods and features a red brown varnish. The instruments are fitted with ebony fingerboards and hand-carved ebony pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest.

      Available from 13 to 17 inches.


    • Eastman Model 200 Top

      Eastman Model 200

      The Eastman Model 200 viola represents the first in Eastman Strings' line-up of advanced instruments. Each viola is entirely hand-crafted from well seasoned, select tonewoods. The instruments have a durable hand applied translucent amber varnish. Each Eastman Model 200 viola is hand-fit in our shop with a French Aubert or Despiau maple bridge and Helicore strings.

      Available from 13 to 17 inches.


    • Samuel Shen Model 300 Top

      Samuel Shen Model 300


      The SV300 violas feature medium figure, tasteful antiquing, and accurate graduation. Its tone is strong and rich. This model has been our most popular viola for the advancing student, offering superior performance for its price range. The Samuel Shen Model 300 violas feature an orange-brown varnish upon a golden base, a French Aubert or Despiau maple bridge, and Helicore strings.

      Available in sizes 15 to 16 1/2 inches.

    • Martin Beck Top

      Martin Beck


      A beautifully made Romanian viola. Two-piece maple back with a medium width flame. Two-piece spruce top with a fine to medium width grain. The orange brown varnish is distressed to make the instrument look older. Fitted in ebony with pearwood pins and collars, Helicore strings and a Jarger A string. This is an excellent intermediate viola.

      Available in sizes 15 to 17 inches.

    • Eastman 305 Viola Top

      Eastman Model 305


      Players and teachers recognize the Eastman Model 305 as an instrument with a strong tonal and visual personality. These are the qualities that make it one of our most popular instruments. The Eastman Model 305 Viola is hand-crafted entirely from solid tonewoods; the top is select spruce and the ribs, scroll, and neck are of maple specie. The backs are made of a select Canadian poplar, creating a lightweight instrument with a powerful sound. An antique-style spirit varnish is hand-applied, and the instrument is fitted with boxwood pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest with ebony trim. Each Model 305 viola is fitted with a French Aubert or Despiau maple bridge and Helicore strings.

      Available in sizes 12 to 17 inches, with Tertis models and poplar backs being available from 15 to 17 inches.

      *Currently the 15″ model is out of stock*

    • Samuel Shen Model 800 Top

      Samuel Shen Model 800


      Handmade in Suzhou, China by Samuel Shen. One-piece maple back. Two-piece spruce top of fine-width grain broadening toward the edges. Fitted in ebony with Helicore strings.

      Available in sizes 15 to 16 1/2 inches.

    • Eastman Model 405 Top

      Eastman Model 405


      A meticulously hand-carved instrument featuring a premium spruce top. Highly flamed two piece maple back, ribs, and scroll. Beautiful hand-applied multi-layer spirit varnish in the early 20th century Markneukirchen German style. Fitted in boxwood. The Model 405 viola is also available in a Tertis Model with a poplar back. Available in sizes 15 to 16 1/2 inches.

      *The 15″ models are currently sold out*

    • Ivan Dunov Superior VA Top 2015 Photo

      Ivan Dunov Superior


      Old-world craftsmanship and materials come together in our Ivan Dunov instruments. Crafted in a traditional workshop in Romania from superb Carpathian tone woods, these instruments provide excellent sound and playability. The Ivan Dunov Superior has a solid spruce top and maple back, ribs, and scroll. The instrument is finished by hand in the United States with an antique-style varnish. The Ivan Dunov Superior produces a colorful and complex tone. Each Ivan Dunov Superior viola is fitted with a French Aubert or Despiau maple bridge and Helicore strings. Available in sizes from 15 to 16 1/2 inches.

      We currently have the 15 1/2″ and 16″models in stock.

    • Jean-Pierre Lupot Top

      Jean-Pierre Lupot


      Beijing, China. Two-piece maple back, well flamed. Two-piece spruce top. Antiqued spirit varnish contains some red pigment. Fitted in ebony with Helicore strings.

      Available in sizes 15 to 16 1/2 inches.

    • Eastman 605 Top

      Eastman Model 605


      Two piece beautifully flamed maple back. Two piece spruce top. German-style multi-layer shaded spirit varnish. Fitted in boxwood and Helicore strings.

      Available in 15 1/2 and 16 inch sizes.

    • Francis Pittock Top

      Francis Pittock Model 625


      Named in honor of Francis Pittock. He was an outstanding teacher from Ohio and Pennsylvania. Francis contributed to the development of numerous fine instrumentalists. Professor Pittock died in 1992. This instrument will make a great viola for an intermediate to more serious student. It has a focused bottom that carries very well and a rich, sweet top on the treble strings. Two-piece highly flamed maple back. The viola is artistically antiqued with simulated wear patterns and the varnish has a slightly crackled look. Boxwood fittings.

      Available in 16 inches.

    • Rudoulf Doetsch Top

      Rudoulf Doetsch


      Rudoulf Doetsch instruments are crafted in Germany from select European tone woods. The fingerboard is made of high quality African ebony, and the instrument comes with ebony fittings and a French Aubert or Despiau maple bridge. Antique-style varnish is applied and tonal adjustments are made in the United States for a professional appearance and sound. Rudoulf Doetsch violas are fitted with Helicore strings.

      Available in sizes from 14 to 16 1/2 inches.

    • Gunther Prager Top

      Gunther Prager


      This viola bears the label:

      Gunther Prager, Copy of Andreas Amati, Erlangen
      Germany, Anno 2006.

      Two piece maple back with medium width flame. Two piece spruce top with straight, medium width grain. The varnish is a medium to dark orange-brown over a light golden orange ground. The varnish contains much patina and antiquing and simulated wear. The instrument has ebony fittings and projects a clear, strong sound.

      Available in 16 and 16 1/2 inch sizes.

    • Coit R. Hoechst Top

      Coit R. Hoechst



      Op. 16 Anno 1937
      Coit R. Hoechst
      fecit in Pittsburgh.

      Two piece highly flamed maple back. Matching ribs, neck and scroll. Two piece spruce top. Amber-brown varnish. Fitted in ebony.

      Available in 16 inches.

    • Liang Italian Series 16" #41209907 VA Top

      Liang Italian Series


      Bears the label:

      Liang Italian Series
      Made in the workshop of Zhi Ling Liang
      Guangzhou, China
      Made for J.R. Judd Violins anno 2016 #41209907 16″

      Made in the workshop of Zhi Ling Liang in Guangzhou, China. Zhi Ling Liang was awarded a Certificate of Merit for Tone for his quartet of instruments at the 2012 Violin Society of America competition. These Guarneri del Gesù pattern instruments are striking in both appearance and sound; they are fast becoming favorites among teachers and players for the power and clarity of their tone.

    • Lionel Tertis Top

      Lionel Tertis


      Handmade in China with exceptional woods and workmanship. One piece highly flamed maple back with matching ribs, neck and scroll. Amber-orange varnish on a golden ground consistent throughout. Fitted in ebony.

      Available in 16 inches.