W. Seifert – Model #130 Fr. Model Bass Bow – c. 1985. This bow works as a 3/4 or 1/2 size Bass Bow – A Great Musical Pit Playing Bow!


Stamped: W. SEIFERT

The Seifert family came from a family of musical instrument makers in the Kirchberg area of Germany. Lothar Seifert’s father Oskar began making bows in 1924 and by 1932 had set up a shop in Graslitz. Like many refugees, the Seifert family was forced to relocate after World War II. Now in its third generation of bow makers, Lothar’s sons Bernd and Erich lead the workshop in making handmade bows. The shop is now near the town of Bubenreuth, just north of the university town of Erlangen.
This bow was handmade in the Seifert workshop back in the 1980’s and can actually be used either for a 1/2 or 3/4 bass. Its a very nice smaller stick size. Mr. Judd really likes the length. This would be perfect for playing in crowded pit orchestras.
Pernambuco species, round section. Half-lined. Parisian eye ebony frog mounted in nickel. Mother of pearl slide and single mother of pearl eyes. The round stick is made of choice medium-dark brown pernambuco wood and is of good strength. The bow is firm.
This bow has been gone over in our workshop and still retains its original fittings. This is a great stick for the player looking for a good entry level pernambuco specie bow.

Weight fully haired 133.4 grams. (c)

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