Very Nice Older German Violin Bow – Illegible brand c. 1930-1940 – SOLD JANUARY 2, 2024 –


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We have a fantastic German violin bow, mounted in sterling silver fittings with the brand on the bow probably worn off by many years of concerts and hundreds of hours of practice. Yet the bow is in fabulous condition after a great spa treatment and replacing the worn winding and leathers. I believe the violin bow was a house bow branded for sale in a European violin shop. We have tried and tried to decipher the illegible brand on the player’s side. This bow got the full treatment because it is such a nice playing bow. In the workshop we cleaned up the tip – sterling silver, new sterling silver tinsel winding to match the period and what was originally on the stick. We replaced the older leather with new leather and cleaned up the Parisian eye frog, which is in outstanding condition. The head is over the top nice with two sweeping chamfers cut by skilled knife work. The silver tip has no less than 5 sterling silver pins mounting the tip in place; two pins under the hair, two just above the hair and one on the very tip of the bow – very nice. The pin work on the frog is also above average and the top plate is set with two small screws. The endscrew is a solid sterling silver cap with a fine executed lathe turning work and a fine double bevel in the base of the cap. This is fine jewelry work, woodworking, and hair dressing all in the same art. This bow was made by a skillful craftsman, one who had years of experience. The mortise is cut with chisel work and the bow is choice pernambuco wood in octagonal section. The bow has strength, and it is better than a great playing stick. It is a wow! The wood is a medium brown color with no flaws. It handled many types of off the string articulations and is easy to handle. A European gem, nice age, made by a gifted maker, with no legible brand – bummer. Just a great playing bow!

Weight fully haired 60.0 grams.