TOURTE Violin Bow, Markneukirchen Germany Early 20th Century – SOLD APRIL 6, 2024 –


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The bow is stamped TOURTE on the players side and branded GERMANY on the bottom flat of the stick directly behind the frog. This is a gorgeous handmade bow with exceptional pernambuco wood, round section with beautiful color in the stick. We have gone over the entire stick restoring with a new bone tip, one new mother of pearl eye to the frog, new sterling silver winding to purposely add 1.1 grams of weight to the bow and a new thumb leather. The ebony frog is mounted in nickel silver and the plate for the frog is all secured with pin work, no screws. The frog has single mother of pearl eyes, and the end cap is full silver. This bow is easily 110 years old and plays well. I love the flexibility of the stick and the overall strength, along with the natural patina on the bow. A player loved this bow and took great care of it for possibly two generations. The stick is ready for another 100 plus years. Beautiful bow – German quality for sure with French branding.

Weight fully haired 60.7 grams