Stroe Sandu Three Star Violin Bow- Reghin, Romania 2017


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We have a contemporary nickel mounted violin bow by Sandu Stroe. This is a pernambuco three star * Stroe Sandu** violin bow. Sandu was a former violin maker with the Gilga Co. in Romania, and now has his own workshop in Romania. The bow is nickel mounted, pernambuco specie, and octagonal in section with a Parisian eye frog and three-piece endscrew. The bow has some very slight wear on the head from going in and out of a case and in the frog from normal playing and handling. The bow is very good condition as I have gone over the entire bow before rehairing the stick and polishing the silver. Check out the gorgeous color in the pearl slide and mother-of-pearl eyes. Knockout! This stick will make a great entry bow for the player looking for pernambuco and not carbon fiber.

Weight fully haired 59.6 grams