Richard Grünke & Söhne – Silver Viola bow circa 1999


Richard Grünke was born in Poland in 1930. He developed an interest in bow making at the age of 15 and began apprenticing with Edwin Hermann in Schönlind. He then completed it in the H.R. Pfretzschner workshop in Markneukirchen from 1946-1948. In 1952 he moved to Bubenreuth, Germany and joined the famed Paesold workshop. In 1975 Richard opened his own business after purchasing a deceased bowmakers workshop in Bubenreuth. The business thrived and in 1996 he founded a new company with his two sons Klaus and Thomas Grünke. All three are considered master bow makers and are well respected throughout the world creating bows at a very high level.
The viola bow we have in our shop is from the Richard Grünke & Söhne workshop which began in 1996. The bow is in excellent condition branded above the frog on the players side, octagonal section, pernambuco specie, silver tip and silver fittings.

Weight fully haired 69.2 grams.

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