Non-Branded Mirecourt Violin Bow Circa 1880 -1890- Superb Older Violin Bow!


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This is a beautiful French bow made in the famous town of Mirecourt. This was the French answer to the town of Markneukirchen in Germany. In its heyday 1800-1920 Mirecourt employed over 3000 workers in the violin trade from apprentices to journeyman makers. Our bow is from the late 19th century and is in excellent condition. We have meticulously gone over the entire bow and given it what I call a spa treatment. We gave the bow a new tip because the original ivory was broken, but the frog and all of its components are original as well as the baleen winding. The original baleen whale winding sets this bow apart from others during this period. We added a new leather thumb grip to encapsulate and hold the baleen in place. The baleen winding is over 100 years old. The whale’s inner gills were used by fine bow makers, especially in the 19th century, because it was available and because the maker could curl the long flexible part of the whale to wrap around the bow to create a lightweight, very durable winding. The baleen helps to date the bow, and the stick has been well cared for over the years.

The pernambuco wood on the stick is gorgeous; it is clear and straight. Cosmetically awesome but also firm and strong. The stick is where it’s at. This is a choice piece of pernambuco. Handling the bow over the years has darkened the wood at the frog end and at the tip. The bow is in nickel mounts, typical of the period, and is in octagonal section. The ebony frog has an obvious flange at the bottom of the frog, slide end, and is noticeable to the player once you pick up the bow. A player will love the feel of the bow and the strength of the stick. The stick is light in gram weight, balanced very well and easy to control. If you’re looking for strong bow that will handle all types of articulations, this is it. The bow feels like it is part of the strings when you play, like its wrapped around the string -smooth player. This could be the new tool for your violin that will create a gorgeous sound that you love.

Weight fully haired 59.3 grams.