Non-Branded German Violin Bow – Parisian Eye Frog, Mid-20th Century – SOLD JUNE 12, 2024 –


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If you’re a player looking for performance and not worried about a specific maker this bow may be the perfect fit. Made in a German workshop for sure, the stick has good bones, and I can’t believe it does not have a maker’s name. We went all out in our workshop on the stick. It has received what we call the spa treatment. A new tip in bone, new silver winding, and leathers at the thumb and collar, and cleaning the jewelry work in the frog and the stick. The bow has nice pin work and feels light in the hand. The wood is without flaw and the camber flows from the head quickly. The maker left the stick on the thinner side – but boy is it nice. The wood tells the maker as he or she is creating the bow if they can take more wood off or if they need to leave it on. The bow is pernambuco specie and round in section. The head is well chamfered, all knife work – old school and almost bell chamfered (slightly flared) at the very bottom of the back of the head. The frog has Parisian eyes; mother-of-pearl eyes surrounded by silver rings. The slide is a beautiful yellow/green fleck all captured by a sliver holder of the pearl. As a player the stick rocks because the wood is firm, and I like its fight. It’s a sleeper – great stick and no real makers name to place it at a higher price. If you’re looking for a good playing bow this, is it! It has the package: strength, balance, and has a nice gram weight that many players today look for in a well-made bow. The bow falls in just below 60.0 grams. The bow is in very good condition, German workmanship and it can handle a good attack, in short – a player.

Weight fully haired 59.6 grams – nice!