Martin Hornsteiner, Mittenwald (Label dated 1768) – 19th Century Fine Violin


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Bears the label:

Martin Hornsteiner Laut- und
Geigenmacher in Mittenwald

Mittenwald has been a center of fine violin making for 320 years. This small southern Germany village’s production of instruments was astounding. The output of instruments from the late 18th century through the 19th century was measured in tons when shipped by rail and boats all over the world. We are offering a mid-18th century violin in very good condition made in the Mittenwald tradition which used an inside mold construction method. The Hornsteiner family consisted of 11 family members spanning 180 years, focusing mainly on the orchestral strings. Martin Hornsteiner worked from 1765 – 1810. The modeling is old world and slightly broad in the bouts. It features a beautifully carved scroll and a very attractive one-piece back plate. There are no cracks or damages on the body. The back has had has a fine repair at the heel, and one new edge added with purfling on the right bottom of the plate. The neck contains a graft as you would expect on a fine older violin and all eight of the peg holes have been bushed. This is a fabulous little violin which contains a slightly flamed one-piece back, lower arching, smaller rib height and a broader major width which is typical of Mittenwald violins produced in this time period. The history and construction of this instrument is something that always amazes me. The sound too. It is not bright but unique with quick response. The central core of the violin sound is consistent, and the tone is clean. I enjoyed the depth of sound and the overall smoothness throughout the entire register. It’s just different from a modern violin – even the weight. This is a Wow violin for Mozart and Bach lovers, and I believe a soloist may also fall in love with it as well. This violin should be on your trial list, it will immediately get your attention.

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