Markneukirchen Trade Violin – Strad Label circa 1930


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We have a German-made violin from the center of violin making tradition of Europe. The instrument has well-seasoned wood – beautiful woods all enveloped in a sweet golden orange antique varnish, giving the instrument that old world charm. The violin has a good weight and all the correct specs. We gave the violin a good cleaning and new fittings, which helped raise the violin’s performance level. New pegs, bridge, soundpost, chin rest, and a German Wittner tail piece. I’ve had this violin in our collection for just a little over a year. I purchased the instrument from a young man from Ringtown, PA. The violin was in his family for years and was played by his grandfather. We are glad to have it playing again and get it ready for the next pair of hands to make music. A violin has 40 pieces of wood all carved and put together in a precise way. I wish the instrument had the maker’s name. A trade violin that compares well to violins made for the violin trade in today’s world.

Corpus 358.0 mm Major Width 207.0 mm Minor Width 167.0 mm Rib Height 31.0 mm

The violin has a classic look and a good sound. The instrument carries and I can feel the violin pumping while I played. The sustain is evident, and yes, I was surprised in a good way. At the bottom end, the G and D strings are resonant and put out a full and slightly gutsy sound while the treble side is not as dark but still offers strength of tone. The E and A strings lean a little sweeter than the bass end and the overall sound is beautiful and could be a great instrument for the player looking for a less expensive instrument for the summertime campfire/campout violin.

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