Jurgen Klier 1/4 Size Violin


Jürgen Klier builds violins, violas and cellos ranging from reasonably priced students' models to high-quality master instruments for top-class players. Quality and individuality are his foremost aims. Jürgen Klier learned his craft in Bubenreuth, Franconia, the center of German bowed and plucked string instrument making. After passing his master craftsman's examination he started his own business. He soon built up a reputation. As early as 1986 he won the gold medal in the “violin” category of the III German violin-makers' competition of the Georg Hesse Foundation. In 1989 he won the honorary prize of the Italian violin-makers' association “Cremona” at the international violin-makers competition in Mittenwald.

This fractional instrument shows the care that the Klier workshop puts into their student instruments. Beautiful European tone woods tastefully finished make this 1/4 size model a showpiece for the younger advanced player.

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