John Juzek, Prague – Guarneri Copy Violin Signed On The Label, 1920


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John Juzek
Violinmaker (Trademark) in Prague
May 6, 1920 John Juzek
Made in Czechoslovakia

John (Jan) Juzek (1892-1965) was born in Pisek, Czech Republic and in the early 1900’s he operated a violin making workshop in Schönbach. The Juzek name is well known in North America as a merchant and exporter of string instruments who produced consistent high-quality instruments and was prolific during the early twentieth century. Juzek also sold the work of independent craftsmen of the Bohemia region under his name. He was also a fine luthier, modeling his instruments on those of the Italian masters. His handmade instruments from the 1920’s go five thousand or more dollars. Our Juzek is a Guarneri copy commercial trade violin made in his workshop pre-WWII. It is signed on the label and dated May 6, 1920. The instrument is in good condition with no issues. The oil varnish is of a darker amber/brown on a golden/orange shading undercoat. The varnish was drawn with brush to shade different areas giving an antique look to the instrument. The maple back plate is two-piece highly flamed maple and the top has a straight grain spruce consistent throughout the plate. We have meticulously gone over the entire violin with our traditional set up and carving so it can be ready for the show room.

Corpus 355.0 mm., Major Width 204.5 mm., Minor Width 166.0 mm., Rib Height 31.0 mm.

The violin has ample power in the entire voicing. The bottom end has strength with a slightly covered sound. The G & D strings response is good and gave a well-focused sound with a firm bow. The sound was engaging, with sustain and pleasant to listen to. The treble E & A strings sound is brighter than the lower strings with clear tone, almost as if handbells are ringing with brightness, and beautiful sustain. The E & A strings have plenty of power and a focused sound. This instrument will be a neat older violin for an intermediate player looking for European craftsmanship in a trade level price.

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