Jacobus Hornsteiner Violin- Markneukirchen 1928


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JACOBUS (in a slight arch)

Jacobus Hornsteiner
Handmade copie of (GERMANY stamped right side of the label.)
Antonius Stradivarius

Jacobus Hornsteiner was a name used by the Roth firm in the 1920’s – 1930’s to sell instruments to different competing violin shops that were selling instruments in close proximity to each other. This violin is one such instrument that was purchased by the Simson & Frey Musical Company in the 1920’s and sold at this shop in New York City. E. H. Roth II came to NY to manage the Simson violin dept. Roth and another partner bought that company and later moved it to Cleveland. Roth joined Simson and Frey in 1922. And I’m sure this is how this violin got to the states.

Ernst Heinrich Roth, born in 1877, had the ideal prerequisites for attaining musical greatness. As a talented musician who played several instruments and had perfect pitch, he began his career by completing his training in the atelier founded by his father, Gustav Robert Roth, in 1873. Ernst Heinrich then studied under violin makers in Austria, Hungary, Russia, and France and later returned to his home country with extensive knowledge of the art. His skill and musical training helped Ernst Heinrich Roth become one of the finest craftsmen of the 20th century – and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field. Roth violins were mostly patterned after works by Stradivari or Guarneri. The violin tops were made of fine-grained Italian spruce, and the backs were of deeply flamed maple. The aged European wood was the key factor that sets their violins apart. Roth master violins of the 1920s and early 1930s shared these defining characteristics of choice woods. Ernst branded and labeled his instruments with different names to be able to sell many more instruments from his Markneukirchen workshop. The violin has a beautiful oil-based varnish, of reddish/brown color on a golden ground, and features masterful craftsmanship applied with detailed care. This violin has a certificate that has survived almost 100 years from the Roth firm. The quality of his work is high, and we meticulously went over the violin, bushing the peg system and giving the instrument a new set-up with an old-world tailpiece.

Corpus 357.0 mm., Major Width 207.0 mm., Minor Width 169.5 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm

The sound on the violin is robust and powerful. The violin has a richness and alluring sound on all of the voices. The bottom end has the drive with a slight cover to the clarity and the treble side is focused with bright carrying overtone. The entire sound is very nice and fits right in with the excellent reputation of the Roth family instruments. The sound is resonant, and I can feel the instrument vibrating as I play. Almost 100 years old and in great condition. I love the violin and it is ready for a player to enjoy in an orchestral setting. Great attributes; age, quality craftsmanship, choice woods, and a beautiful patina to the varnish.