Jacobus Hornsteiner Violin Bow circa 1920


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We have a bow bearing the brand JACOBUS HORNSTEINER and country of origin GERMANY is branded on the butt behind the frog on the stick. The brand is not of known bow maker from Germany. The bow is pernambuco specie, round in section and sterling silver fittings. We have done much work on the bow to bring it back to life and good playing condition. The bow is easy to control and is very light in weight. We replaced the ivory tip, removed the old winding and leathers, they were too far gone to try to save and replaced with new silver winding and leathers. The stick was cleaned then French polished. The frog has been fully worked on and cleaned before a fresh rehair. Yes, a lot of work for this older German bow, but always worth it to bring an older bow back to very good playing condition. The name was placed on the stick in a German workshop to sell the bow. If you’re a player looking for a light weight bow this German stick is it.

Weight fully haired 55.6 grams.