Heinrich E. Heberlein – Trade Violin, circa 1921 / Copy of an Antonius Stradivarius


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Heinrich E. Heberlein
Markneukirchen 1921 (makers monogram)
Copie of Antonio Stradivarius
Made in Germany

Our offering is a good trade instrument labeled Henrich E. Heberlein. This workshop violin has all of the earmarks of the famous maker in the family, Heinrich Theodore Heberlein Jr., who was by far the most famous member of the Heberlein family and one of the best Markneukirchen makers of his era. He studied with his father Carl August Heberlein. In 1863 he established his own workshop where he worked until retiring in 1897. Theodore Heberlein also taught at the Markneukirchen violin making school. The Heberlein family was a winner of over a dozen gold medals at exhibitions throughout Europe. Their instruments were known for their fine imitations of old masters’ traits, in construction and in the varnish appearance. Our workshop violin has these traits, and the varnish is well done, giving the instrument a classic old-world charm. The violin has an excellent choice in woods, beautiful straight grain spruce top and a to die for gorgeous one-piece highly flamed maple back and matching ribs. We have meticulously gone over the entire instrument, and it has had one top plate corner issue repaired and restored. All new fittings have been cut for the violin and the tailpiece is a German Wittner tail. The instrument was made in the 1920’s and will make an excellent choice for the player looking for quality and tone.

Corpus 357.0 mm., Major Width 209.0 mm., Minor Width 168.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm.

The instrument has a sound that will not disappoint. The bottom end rings with enthusiasm and power. The sustain and response are fantastic and very pleasing to my ear. The treble side is very responsive and rings brilliantly. This instrument has some guts when you dig in with the bow and the response in (ppp) passages stands out with a clear tone. I love the presence of the sound and feel we have a real winner in this instrument. The violin plays and sounds well above its pay grade.