Gustav Wunderlich Leipzig – Sterling Silver Violin Bow – Circa 1927


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This handmade bow is also branded on the underside of the bow, (bottom flat) at the end of the silver winding.

We have a gorgeous German violin bow made by Gustav Wunderlich (1872-1937) who was born into a family of violin and bow makers in Luby/Schönbach, in the present day Czech Republic. Gustav worked in Berlin and Leipzig. This bow was made circa 1927 in his Leipzig workshop. Gustav was regarded as a master maker. The stick itself is choice, firm, and in very good condition. The ebony frog is mounted in sterling silver, pernambuco specie, and is octagonal in section. The head on the bow is exquisite and the chamfer work spot on, all performed with a knife. The frog is simple but classic, with the mortise being precise with an exact fit of the frog to the bow. It contains a single mother of pearl eye and solid silver end screw. It has a bone tip, silver winding and is fully lined. This is a professional bow ready for an advancing player.

Weight fully haired 58.6 grams.