Gorgeous O.H. SEIDEL/TOURTE Markneukirchen Violin Bow c. 1910-1920


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Markneukirchen was known for its skilled bow makers using exceptional wood to produce many bows. The (O. H.) Oskar Herman Seidel trade name was used by the Roth Firm from the 1890’s through 1940. The company used the name on violins and bows to increase imports to the U.S.A. In the late 18th century and up until the early 20th century the East German town of Markneukirchen was at the pinnacle of German violin and bow making. This bow was hand crafted in the Ernst Heinrich Roth shop. It is a beautiful bow with the O H SEIDEL inverted brand on the player’s side of the bow and the brand TOURTE on the audience side of the bow.

We have gone over the entire bow and it is ready for a new home. The pernambuco wood is choice, exquisite old growth wood and is in octagonal section. The stick is tapered in exact intervals and because of its strength the maker has given us a thinner stick that is beautifully firm- better than strong. The bow has the original baleen winding and a new leather thumb grip. Baleen whale inner gills were used by fine bow makers especially in the 19th century because they could curl the long flexible part of the whale to wrap around the bows to create a lightweight, very durable winding. The baleen helps date this bow to the early 1900’s. The bow is in nickel mount with classic single mother-of-pearl eyes and a three-piece endscrew. It is a fabulous playing bow, light in gram weight and easy to control. The bow is firm in its feel and handles off the string articulations well. It is in very good condition and ready for another 100 years.

Weight fully haired is 57.5 grams.