Gorgeous! Non-Stamped Old German Violin Bow c. 1910 – SOLD July 11, 2024


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We have an old German violin bow from the early 20th century. The wood choice is stunning with straight tight grain pernambuco that is light orange/brown color. I imagine the tree growing in the late 1700’s into the late 1800’s. Harvested in Brazil in the late 1800’s, air dried for 20 years, shipped to Germany in the late 19th or early 20th century before being made into a stick in some Markneukirchen workshop. This bow was made by someone who knew his craft but never put his name on it. The stick is firm, balanced better than well, and really plays. It is pernambuco specie and round in section. I love the tight masculine raised head, almost hatchet modeling of the head, and the knifed chamfers behind the head. It has a beautiful half-lined frog which is typical of many makers of this period. The frog also features 3.0 mm. round silver eyes instead of the typical mother-of pearl eyes found in most frogs. The nickel mounted bow was meticulously gone over here in our workshop. We replaced the bone tip and added a leather grip to reduce the overall weight of the stick, gave it a good cleaning, and found no issues with the frog. This is a wow for the player looking for a quick, agile bow able to handle all kinds of articulations with ease. The bow feels like you’re a part of the string, not on top, and the small frog in the hand creates a different feeling altogether in handling this bow. Age, strength, German handmade workmanship, and performance- yup, all in this stick.

Gram weight 59.4 grams.