Giuseppe Martino, Boston 1926 Violin


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We have a handmade G. Martino violin built in Boston. The instrument is in very good condition and sports a beautiful golden-brown varnish in a Strad pattern instrument. Giuseppe was born in Messina, Italy, which is located on the northeast corner of the island of Sicily. He moved to the United States in 1915 to avoid the military draft in Italy and came to work for O.H. Bryant in Boston. Martino then went on to work for Elias Howe from 1919-1921 and then owned his own shop from 1921-1928 in Boston. Later he worked at other various jobs, even at Peate’s Music House in Ithaca, N.Y. He eventually returned to Boston in 1942 where he worked in the shipyard during WWII but always making violins and doing repair work on the side. Martino’s handmade work numbers at least 100 violins, a few violas, and two cellos. We have given the instrument a meticulous set up and it is ready to become a players favorite playing instrument.
The sound of the Martino is powerful. I believe it would lend itself to a soloist and/or symphonic player. The instrument pumps and the response is impressive. The low end has a gutsy, masculine sound, though holding a touch of classic richness. The treble side of the voice palette is brilliant and very responsive. It is just as powerful as the lower end. The E sting is wonderful to play on, being rich in color and inviting in playability. This instrument is a must try for the serious player.

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