Friedrich Heberlein Violin Bow- Markneukirchen circa 1880-1890


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Fredrich Heberlein (1835-1895) bow maker from Markneukirchen worked and lived in in the German town that was famous for bows for over two centuries. Many shops specialized in making bows because of the tremendous output of the violins being made. He lived for 60 years and was part of the Heberlein family of which Paul Richard was the most famous of the family bow makers. The bow is better than trade quality and probably made its way to the US because of the brother Paul, who was a good friend with William Moening of Philadelphia. They grew up together in Germany as school friends. Another brother, Theodore, also opened a violin shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have gone over the stick from end to end. New tip, new winding, and leathers. Good cleaning and new hair. The bow has no other markings of origin and I believe was made prior to 1890. I have had this bow in our collection to be restored since the 1980’s. The bow is pernambuco specie, round in section, and sterling silver mounted. The frog of the bow has a mother-of-pearl shield and carries a very colorful mother-of-pearl slide. The camber starts quickly after the head. The wood has a sort of yellow/ brownish graining to the wood. This is typical in the Heberlein stock of bows, as if all of the Heberlein relatives shared the same pile of pernambuco. This is a slightly firm bow, well-constructed in the stick, and the frog and has been a great project to get out to the showroom floor.

Weight fully haired 60.3 grams