Eugen Roth, Sterling Silver Violin Bow, Saxony – CURRENTLY OUT ON TRIAL –


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Violin bow stamped Eugen Roth and, on the bottom flat of the stick, the word SAXONY. This is a fine late 19th or very early 20th century violin bow. It is of pernambuco specie, round section and sterling silver mount. The bow has a centered balance point. The exact balance point is 27.2 cm. The stick is firm, and I find it to be a good player. Strong but flexible when I wanted to dig in on a violin. The craftsmanship on the bow is outstanding and the bow is in excellent condition. The heel and the silver endscrew each have pin work in the execution of the frog. The inside plate of the frog contains two very fine brass screws mounting the plate into the frog which is indicative of the workmanship I have seen by many Markneukirchen bow makers. Players need to take a look at this bow even if they are trying sticks that are priced higher.

Weight fully haired 59.6 grams.