E.H. ROTH, Bubenreuth/Erlangen 1992 – Branded – Fantastic Sound!


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Ernst Heinrich Roth
anno 1992

Branded Above the Label:


We have an Ernst Heinrich Roth model IX-R/64 which is a copy of Joseph Guarneri del Gesu 1736. The instrument is in mint condition and is branded with the serial # A2 0695. The violin carries with it a Roth certificate from the Bubenreuth/Erlangen workshop and personal letters from Ernst H. Roth II answering questions about the instrument which was purchased directly from the workshop in 1992 by the previous owner. The letters are dated March 9, 1993. The letter states that the violin was made in 1979 with pictures taken at the Roth firm. The instrument remained in the Roth inventory until it was sold, then labelled in 1992. The back is of two pieces of maple with medium width flames which slant upwards from the center seam. The ribs, neck, and scroll are also highly flamed. The table is of medium-width straight-grained spruce and the instrument is in excellent condition. The varnish is a lighter amber/orange oil varnish all hand drawn over a golden amber ground. The Roth shop is known for its quality and high standards in the industry. This violin is no exception.

Corpus 355.0 mm., Major Width 203.0 mm., Minor Width 163.5 mm., Rib Height Lower 30.0 – Upper 29.5 mm.

The sound is vibrant and meaty. Great bottom end on the G & D strings. The instrument has power and strength and is very even on all four of the voices. The response off the strings is beautiful. The instrument lays so well and the personal letters testify to the former owner’s great love of the sound on this violin. Great history, beautiful full sound, tonal clarity, and in awesome condition. This will make a fantastic instrument for the serious player.

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