Beautiful Eugen Meinel German Violin Bow, Markneukirchen c. 1930


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The Eugen Meinel brand was a trade name used by the Ernst Heinrich Roth shop of Markneukirchen, Germany right after World War I. The Meinel name was used to avoid conflicts with the same type of bows imported to North America as well as in the homeland. The Roth firm was one of the most prominent German firms in the early 20th century and was known for their instruments as well as their bows. At a time when German makers used French and Italian names to sell their instruments and bows, the Roth firm operated with transparency in their business practices. This is a very good, firm nickel mounted violin bow. The wood is reddish-brown in color – older pernambuco, and the stick is round in section. We have replaced the tinsel winding and added a new leather thumb grip. The frog is Parisian eye, and the endscrew has the typical Meinel cap that is finished in ebony, not a solid commercial silver endscrew. The entire stick is in very good condition. The tip is fully original. The bow is much better than just a trade bow. This bow handles well, has good strength, flexibility, and is balanced. It is a very good playing stick with all of the hallmarks of a stick at a higher level. This is a 100-year-old German bow in very good condition.

Weight fully haired 58.5 grams.