Albert Götz, Beautiful Older Violin, Markneukirchen 1913


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Albert Götz
Anno 1913

We offer a beautiful and fabulous violin made by Albert Götz in the violin making town of Markneukirchen, where it was built in 1913. Markneukirchen was the German hub of instrument making for centuries, and in the late 19th and early 20th centuries this little musical corner of the world between Saxony and Bohemia was a powerhouse of quality instrument making, earning the right to be named alongside the name Cremona. The instrument demonstrates the outstanding standards of violins that were made in both the German and Cremona areas in the early 20th century, both with the visual aesthetic and its sound. Albert Götz was born in 1874 and it did not take long for before his making career took off. Götz produced instruments in large quantities ranging in style and quality. Our violin is a Stradivarius model with a strongly flamed two-piece back that exemplifies the Götz shop. The varnish is a deep orange/brown varnish on a golden amber ground. The patina is evident and adds charm to the instrument. It is in very good condition; there are no issues and it has been completely gone over in our workshop.

Corpus 358.0 mm, Major Width 207.0 mm., Minor Width 165.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm

An experienced player will enjoy the full sound of this violin. The lightweight violin projects and has a brilliantly focused sound on the treble side with a slightly darker and expressive bottom end. I love the sound on the G & D strings and the richness added by the core and treble stings. This sweet-sounding violin has a beautiful combination of color and clarity. The sound would suit a serious student or an intermediate advancing player.

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