A Silver Mounted GERMAN Cello Bow by Robert M. Ernst circa 1960


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This Robert M. Ernst German bow is in excellent condition. The bow is pernambuco specie, octagonal section, and mounted in sterling silver. This bow was found in a hard cello case many years ago and because of a cracked ivory tip I think it just sat in the case for close to 40 years and was never used. We have now meticulously gone over the entire bow and replaced that broken ivory tip. Now the bow is as good as new. We cleaned the stick and French polished the bow, dismantled the frog and polished all its silver fittings, and of course, given the bow fresh hair. The stick is now in very good condition, and it is strong, which is a plus for a player getting serious in their playing. A better bow will deliver a better response off an instrument and lead you, the player, to better performances. This is a very good bread and butter bow for the advancing player. Nothing really fancy, but simply a great stick. Pernambuco, sterling, some age, and German craftsmanship. Yes, a meat & potatoes or bread & butter cello bow. Good stuff grandma might have played on.

Weight fully haired 80.2 grams.

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