HEAV Members and Homeschoolers

With 31 years of experience in orchestra instrument rentals, J.R. Judd Violins has unbeatable pricing, quality, and service for your homeschooler or homeschool orchestra. Our rent-to-own contract can be cancelled at any time without penalty by returning the instrument to us, but if the contract is completed your child will own a quality instrument along with trade-in equity that may be applied for any of our 400 finer instruments. Click for more information on our contract and read below the special offers for our homeschool families.

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Violin & Viola

For individual violin and viola rentals, we will ship your initial rental order at no cost to you. Subsequent size-ups and repairs will be shipped at the renter's expense.

Cello & Bass

We will personally deliver any order of five or more cellos or basses or combination of both. Delivery will be to a single delivery location in Virginia or within 400 miles of the shop.
Individual cellos and basses we generally do not ship because of the excessive cost; cellos are generally over $200 each way and basses have to be shipped carrier freight on a pallet. If you are interested in an individual cello or bass, please call the shop (570-321-8070) or email us at info@jrjuddviolins.com for a quote.

Orchestra-Size Groups

For large groups, we will personally deliver any mixture of 20 or more instruments; cello and bass orders of less than five can be included. Delivery will be to a single
central delivery location in Virginia or within 400 miles of the shop.

Multiple Levels of Rentals


- the entry level rental. The instrument is an Eastman Model 80 for violin & viola, and a Shen Model 80 for cello & bass. We also offer the Shen Model 88 bass which has an oil finish, as an alternative to the Model 80.

Next Level

- the next step up for an advancing player or for the family that wants to own a better instrument when the contract is completed we call our Upper Level Rental. The Shen Model 300 are our upper level violin & viola rental. The Shen Model 150 is a laminate cello with a fully carved top & the Eastman Model 200 is fully carved; these models are the step-ups for cello. The Shen 150 Hybrid is our top level bass rental.

Top Level

- our highest level rental for advanced players we call the Deluxe Rental. The Jay Haide à l'ancienne violin, viola, and cello are crafted for intermediate and advanced players.