Zhenjie Zhao – Hand Made in Beijing – Chaoyang Province – SOLD 7/7/2020


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Violin number 186 made in 2019 is a personal handmade violin made by master maker Zhenjie Zhao. Mr. Judd has known Zhenjie for many years as well as his son and daughter. Zhenjie used all European tone-woods in its construction and finished off the look with pernambuco fittings. The gradual arching is spot on which helps give the instrument power and a slight growl. His knife work control is also evident in cutting of the (f) holes and purfling. A highly regarded maker in Asia, Europe, and North America, Zhenjie pours his 30 years of making into his instruments. The oil varnish has been tastefully applied and all hand drawn. The varnish is rubbed out in areas on the top and back plates to add a slightly antiqued effect.
The tone is beautiful and brings an immediate smile from a player. The quick response off the violin is the first thing you will notice. The instrument speaks. The sound pours out even in (ppp) passages. The playability is smooth, lush like really good cheese cake. With a good pernambuco bow I generated power on the D & G strings. The quality in treble strings didn’t disappoint either. This pleasing sound of the violin will only get better the more it is played.

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