Zhang’s High-Grade Workshop Violin, 2004


This violin matches in degree of flame for the one-piece back, ribs, neck, and scroll. The maple on this instrument is gorgeous. Zhang Shu Mei’s workshop is in Beijing, China and his violin making has been influenced by Italian schooling and studying the famous Cremonese makers. His construction of the instrument is very clean and refined. This violin is one of his nicest higher-grade instruments. The varnish work is an orange-brown all on top of a beautiful golden ground. The varnish is clean and transparent. Signed and completed in 2004 this violin looks as good as it sounds. The sound is crisp and clean, fully responsive across all four strings. The instrument has a gutsy bottom and powerful treble. A mature sound for such a new instrument. If this were a European instrument of the same quality you would expect to pay $3,500. Look no further if you want a great sound and beautiful looking violin.

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