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Zhang Birdseye Maple 4/4 Violin – SOLD 7/13/2019


We have come across a very nice Birdseye back Zhang full size violin. The instrument was made in Beijing at the Zhang workshop in 2004. Shi Mei Zhang studied making in Europe and made many levels of violins. The quality of instruments from his shop is excellent. Our instrument has an awesome look. The stunning one-piece back as well as the ribs, neck, and scroll just make this instrument pop. The top plate is made of medium-grain spruce and the Strad pattern is very clean in its construction. We have fitted all new ebony pegs, fingerboard, chin rest, and end button. Cut a new Despiau grade B bridge and a new sound post. We have also added a German Wittner tailpiece.
This violin has a beautiful crisp sound and leans to the brighter side. Perfect for the fiddler who is looking for a violin that projects well and sounds fantastic. The instrument has an ease of play and a sweet sound. The sound jumps off the bottom strings and it took very little effort to get the instrument to produce a powerful sound. The violin has a quick response and worked well with a pernambuco bow. I found the carbon fiber sticks made the violin too powerful and bright. This instrument will be ideal for the player who is also into Scottish, Irish, and/or American fiddling. The violin is priced to sell.

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