Wilhelm Schuster Violin Bow – SOLD 8/17/2019


A very nice early 20th Century bow branded with the makers name. Made in Markneukirchen, Germany, the Schuster family is still active as bow makers today. This older German bow has a very nice patina which adds to the charm of the bow. The pernambuco specie, round in section, silver tip and silver mounts in an ebony frog are all in excellent condition. We have added an imitation whalebone grip and new leather thumb in order to keep the weight of the down, which allows for the stick to balance well. The bow is a sleeper, not highly recognized like Nurnberger, Hoyer, Pfretzschner and Prell bows (also from Markneukirchen), but performs very well. I found the stick easy to handle when I need a light touch and then able to handle more aggressive playing. This bow will add to a player’s collection of good playing sticks. The highly recognized German makers will sell for much more than this bow, but I believe this handles just as nice for a much smaller pocketbook number.

Weight fully haired 61.5 grams.

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