Wilhelm Duerer Violin, Eisleben 1900 – Ornate Scroll – One Piece Back


Bears the label:

Root-Duerer Violin
Wilhelm Duerer fecit
Eisleben, 1900 No. 598
made only for
K.T. Root & Sons, Chicago
Copyright 1899 K.T. Root & Sons

The Duerer violin was made for E.T. Root & Sons Violins, Chicago, IL. The beautiful one-piece back German violin was imported at the turn of the century. Eisleben has a rich history, located east of Leipzig, and was the home of Martin Luther. Our instrument is completed in ebony fittings and is in excellent condition. The tone is full and the power can be controlled. The rich sounding g and d strings are amazing. I found the instrument great for orchestral playing as well as fiddling tunes. The violin responds well in higher positions too. The treble strings sing and respond with little effort. The slightly brighter treble sound responds to light bow articulations as well as digging in for power. The violin is well worth a look at for the intermediate player.

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